Here’s a link to the podcast of “Maybe Tomorrow” by Mr. Mike Monett.


4th st live is smokin …this place is cool …lots’a kids at the pool at the Gualt house …don’t get that in Miami….hookers and teams in Miami ..good luck Jimbo ….BOWLING with the team .. Mr. Shugart bowled the best game Freddy had his moments Hairball kicked some ass  with a pink ball. My arm just got tired.We’ll be off to Churchhill Downs tomorrow .Its all good…..

I got to chicago and the hotel ,and lo and behold I have never seen so many hot women in one place in the midwest

da babes…Weathers been great and the steel build was smooth as silk … things are getting better ,I keep telling myself

Andy’s tech  was a real hospitable fellow .charming conversations ensue …this is how i meet people from all around the world.two shows and go ..

Ninel Condi rehearsal
Ever been backstage? I have…

Welcome to my new blog, and we’ll be talking more soon!